Specialist office move services

Specialist office move services
Using our expert knowledge of IT relocations, we can apply this attention to detail to other specialist services relating to office moves and relocations. These include: -

  • Floor box moves and changes

Many companies will have to employ a separate contractor to move floor boxes as part of an office move. This is a costly exercise and leads to confusion over responsibilities and programme of works. Using MFX Relocations to undertake your move, you are able to have IT, furniture, crates and floor boxes all moved form a single point of contact. 
Our floor box fitters not only move the box itself but also make good the carpet afterwards so you wont even know we have been there.

  • Furniture clearances and recycling

With many organisations consolidating their office space to save money they are often left with redundant office furniture. Microfix can offer a furniture clearance and recycling service.

  • New office furniture

With many companies looking for ways to save money by utilising smaller desks, Microfix can supply, through its partnerships with industry manufacturers and suppliers, new office furniture for your existing office or a new location.

  • Space planning

Accurate space planning is critical to any office move. As we the have in house skills to create and plot CAD drawing as part of our audits, we often get asked to undertake space planning services as part of the office move.